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Todd Carroll grew up in Ottawa Canada and fronted his first Rock Cover Band at 15 years old. Todd moved to Vancouver Canada in the winter of 1998 and began singing and fronting Rock Cover Bands. He now lives in El Paso Texas since moving from Vancouver in 2008 and has released his debut album "It's my Time" .

The first half of the CD was written in Vancouver and the last half in El Paso; his Producer Hugh Dickie added the instrumentation and mastered the entire CD in Vancouver Canada. Todd is a singer songwriter and plays acoustic guitar as well as the harmonica. His roots are Rock, Pop and Folk which all come out in his songwriting and vocals."It's my Time" contains 11 songs in total, 10 originals written and sung by Todd and one cover, a raw performance of Bruce Springsteen’s song "Cover Me" performed by Todd on his acoustic.

These days so much of the music on the radio is being filtered by the Big Dogs in the music industry leaving little say to the actual artists, Todd’s debut Album is eclectic and fresh with tones of country rock in "Nothing But A Dry Spell" and "Found a Note" . The song "Real" has a refreshing Rock Anthem feel to it expressing the pros and cons of showing your true self to people. Todd who is also an actor called in favors from the acting community in Vancouver Canada to help make the music video for the single "Real" . Songs like "The Blues is Still the Blues" have an upbeat pop rock style, "Women Wine & Whiskey" leans towards Blues Rock and "Emotional Vampire" with Spanish guitar for a twist, which all leads up to the bruiting Rock Ballad "Bring it On" . The Album’s title song "It's my Time" has a wonderful melancholy folk feel to it, which leaves you wondering if in fact it is Todd’s time.

"It's my Time" will keep you entertained by its eclectic and versatile songs and will tug at your soul with its expressive and riveting lyrics. Todd has definitely let you in with his vulnerable and personal songwriting, a real triumph for a time when the music industry is really not sure where it is going.

Other tracks from It’s My Time:

"Is my Love Not Enough" & "Ten Years Too Late"

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